Two Ways to Dress Up a Gift Card

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of gift cards. I’d rather buy (or even better: make) a meaningful gift. But there are those occasions where a gift card just makes sense. So to add a little personality and flair, why not make a gift card holder? I followed this tutorial (the step-by-step instructions, not the video) to jazz up this card for a college grad.



DSC_0007 resized

DSC_0008 resized


This isn’t the first time I used a tutorial from this same page, but last time I followed the instructions in the video. I didn’t have anything to fasten the card, except for a ribbon, which is why I opted for the other version this time.

Photo 2013-02-20 09.07.04 AM 2013-02-19 21.32.38 2013-02-19 21.33.29

There you have it, two ways to dress up a gift card!

What are your thoughts on gift cards? Do you love to give them or would you rather a hand-picked item?


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