Color Palettes at Home

Since moving into my first apartment (circa October 2010), I’ve been dying to paint walls. But to this day, I have yet to paint any walls in my own home, and I’m in my third apartment already. We have plans to move again sometime within the next year, which will align with the start of Shane’s graduate program (currently TBD). Last week, we helped paint some walls in the Sunday School area at church, which prompted our daydreaming of painting the future apartment. We discussed the possibility of blues, greens, orange/yellows; plus, I require at least one purple wall.

At this point, the color bug bit me and, with the help of the interwebs, I began to turn daydreaming into planning. I got my color geek on while playing with the color gallery at Benjamin Moore. I messed around with the options, including color collections. I fell in love with the Color Preview collection described as “bold, saturated color that bring spaces to life with pure, extraordinary color.” Seemed to fit our criteria to a T! Shane loves rich, warm hues like deep reds and oranges, but I had to tone down the fun by thinking practically. (We didn’t throw the warm, rich color dreams away though, we’re saving those for the hypothetical home we’ll buy someday.) As much as I would love to invite those colors into our next apartment, I think a vibrant color one or two shades away from white might be easier to re-paint.

Enter our color palette!

The walls of my daydreamed apartment are mostly neutral with one accent wall in each room. Lately, I’m imagining darker wood furniture, industrial metals (ie plumbing pipe and stainless steel), and pops of color to break up neutrals and enliven accent walls. Check out a Pinterest board of my long-term to-do list of DIY furniture and decor ideas.

What kinds of interior decorating do you daydream about? I can’t be the only one who dreams of ways to cozy up my future home(s). Tell me what inspires you.


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