Celebrating Two Wonderful Years (and counting…)

Shane and I met at Valparaiso University in Indiana, four days before the end of my summer internship there in 2009, as we were about to begin our final year of college. He had just moved into an apartment with his friends, and I was getting ready to go back to University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. I never imagined, when my internship started, that I would meet my future husband and get married on that same campus. What a fateful summer!

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September 17, 2011 was the big day, and both our ceremony and reception were on campus. Despite some major wedding planning hiccups (that’s a conversation for another day over a bottle of wine), our wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect if we tried. Our goal was to only use traditions that really had meaning to us, and to be sustainable by creating as little waste as possible, which ended up helping us keep the costs down too. With many decisions, it came down to: if we can’t do it ourselves, it’s probably not necessary.

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Rings: mine were Shane’s grandmothers and his ring was created by my metals professor from college. Both of these items are so special, not only because they are “tokens of love,” but because of who they came from.

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Dress & fascinator: the dress is another vintage item, my mom wore it on her wedding day. I found a local seamstress who fabulously transformed my dress into something a bit more modern, and a bit more “me.” I bought a pack of headbands from Target and threaded a white one through netting I found at Michael’s, then I secured them with some embroidery thread and a pretty barrette from a cruise my mom and I went on in 2007.

12 copy 430 copy71 copy

Wedding party: we asked our friends to choose items that they already owned, or would wear again, in our color scheme: purple, green, orange, or brown. Our flower girl wore a dress one of our cousins wore in a previous wedding. My cousins Sarah, Emily, and Alyssa bought sale dresses from David’s Bridal. Rachael found a purple dress in her sister’s closet and paired it with a cute, green shrug. Emily, my maid of honor, spent a whopping $12 on an adorable green/gold recycled dress from one of her favorite stores. We asked the guys to wear brown pants, a cream-colored shirt, and suspenders. The matching blue ties were a coincidence! And then we all bought TOMS, cream classics for the men, grosgrain wedges or flats for the ladies, sparkly purple for our flower girl, green for Shane, and something blue for me.

363 copy369 copy

Hair and Make-up: I asked two friends to help me with these tasks. I’ve known Carrie since middle school, she was an amazing mentor during my pre-teen and early teenage years. She styled my hair when I was a junior bridesmaid in my aunt’s wedding and a bridesmaid in my dad’s wedding, and I couldn’t think of anyone better suited for this task on my own wedding day. Kayla and I met in college, I was her R.A. and then we were roommates the summer I returned from studying abroad. I found out during wedding planning that she had recently become a Mary Kay beauty consultant and knew immediately that I wouldn’t need to look any further for make-up assistance. She took wonderful care of me that day and before hand, teaching me how to take care of my skin leading up to the big day.

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Jewelry: I wore a cross from my Oma, on a chain from my mom as well as a pair of her earrings. I “braided” matching chain bracelets with embroidery thread for each of the ladies.

5 copy 65 copy67 copy

Flowers: a family friend arranged some silk flowers into bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids, as well as wrist corsages for our very-important-ladies. My mother-in-law used leftover flowers for the flower girl pail (and the cake). The men wore tillandsia (or air plant) boutonnieres from Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago, where we purchased the rest of our flowers too. We used the same potted orchids on the altar and on the head table at the reception. Our centerpieces were more tillandsia and African violets, which we invited our guests to take home. The centerpiece vases were re-used from my dad and step-mom’s wedding.

174 copy 213 copy
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Ring pillow: this was made with leftovers from my dress. More specifically, from the big poofy shoulders we removed at my first fitting!

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Programs & Card Box: along with our invitations, and thank-yous, our programs were handmade by my talented mother. In the spirit of sustainability, she also found this awesome basket made of recycled magazines. She used an old sign and covered it in our engagement photos, with a slot in the middle to drop cards. It was a perfect surprise 🙂

166 copy
567 copy 566 copy

Salt ceremony: I searched for an alternative option during the “unity ceremony,” because we wanted something different from the unity candle or a sand jar. In my research, I found that in biblical times, men would exchange salt as a binding contract with one another. Unless each man could take identify and take back his exchanged salt crystals (which is impossible), the contract could not be broken. We liked this idea as a marriage covenant with one another. We also intend to use a pinch of this salt each year on our anniversary for a meal we make together.

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Bubbles and Party Poppers: Party poppers are my absolute favorite thing during celebrations like 4th of July and New Year’s. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use anything that required cleanup outside of the church, so instead we used bubbles. But that didn’t stop us from finding a way to celebrate with a bang! My mom passed around the party poppers during the cocktail hour before we arrived. Then, when we were introduced at our reception (to the Chicago Bull’s theme song!), everyone welcomed us with mini streamers. It was awesomely adrenaline inducing!

341 copy531 copy

Place-cards: because college athletics were a big part of our lives growing up, it seemed fitting to theme our tables around the most meaningful teams: Notre Dame, Valparaiso, Northwestern, Illinois State, Wisconsin, Bradley, Whitewater, and Nevada. We made magnets with each guest’s name on the team logos to indicate which table they were assigned. My mom framed gorgeous vinyl lettering to organize the magnets, and displayed a logo on each table with a matching handmade paper flower.

564 copy

Guestbook: somewhere on the interwebz, I saw the idea to have guests sign a map, so I went out in search of an atlas. Emily helped me hunt for at a local used bookstore, where we found an atlas of southern Italy. She and I spent a semester studying abroad in Italy together, and our vacations to the south are still some of the best memories we have, so it seemed like the perfect joint effort find. We covered it with gorgeous wrapping paper with which Shane’s supervisor wrapped her gift to us.

568 copy

Wine & Beer: thankfully, Valpo altered their dry campus rules for special events since my time as an intern there. They didn’t serve any, but they had contracts with local venues. We chose Bistro 157 because they were willing to fulfill our request to offer local beer and wine at a very affordable price. They even snuck a beer to each of us before dinner (during which the bar was not serving) since we missed our cocktail hour. They served their house sparkling wine for the toast, as well as wine from Easley Winery, and beer from Upland Brewery and Bell’s Brewery. We were happy to hear how many of our guests enjoyed the craft brews.

552 copy

Cake & Donuts: Shane has a bit of a sweet tooth, and although we both love chocolate cake, our favorite weekend treat is to get donuts! We decided to share that treat with our guests, which was catered from Chuck’s Bakery. But we still wanted to cut a cake, so Shane’s mom made us a chocolate cake, with rainbow chip frosting per my request 🙂 Our cake toppers came from a little candy shop in our neighborhood. We cut our cake to the tune of Bright Eyes’ “First Day of My Life“. We cut the bottom layer and saved the top layer in our freezer to eat on our first anniversary.

556 copy 572 copy

First Dance: I used to travel for work, and during a particularly long drive one day, I played all of the songs from my Regina Spektor collection. I frequently swapped music with friends during college, so it was no surprise to me that I hadn’t already heard all of her songs in my collection. When her cover of John Lennon’s “Real Love” came on, I couldn’t think of a song that more perfectly summed up the way I felt about Shane. I sent him a text later that day and told him he just HAD to listen to the song. We agreed that it would be perfect for our first dance.

600 copy628 copy

We decided, rather last minute due to some venue snafus, to have Trans-Audio DJ at our reception. I’m so glad we did because Fabian took care of every single thing, and we celebrated worry-free. Aside from that, hiring a DJ led to one of my favorite planning memories of Shane, Emily, and I sitting on our living room floor browsing youtube for our “must play” list, giggling together the whole time.

708 copy755 copy716 copy657 copy674 copy

A big thanks to our fabulous photographers for capturing all of these wonderful moments from our wedding day!

And thanks to you for letting me share these special moments 🙂


One thought on “Celebrating Two Wonderful Years (and counting…)

  1. Although all of the weddings I have been a part of are special in one way or another, your’s and Shane’s still stands out as one of the best. I am continually grateful that I got to be a part of that amazing day. You guys are a beautiful couple, in so many ways!

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