Mother’s Day

The story behind my Etsy shop stems from the creativity that my mom fostered throughout my childhood (and even today; she’s hands down my biggest fan.) So when Shane and I decided to make the trek to Wisconsin for Mother’s Day, I started making a list of projects I wanted to tackle:

  • print new invitation samples and cut them with framelits
  • start a new wedding invitation order
  • check out Stampin’ Up!’s new photopolymer stamps
  • take a sneek peek at the new Stampin’ Up! catalog, especially the new colors coming out in June (as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, my mom can preview new products before they’re available)
  • (re)learn how to use a sewing machine

Our weekends together always seem to be jam packed. Not because we plan them that way, but we always think of tons of things to do. Most of this list was pushed back to Sunday afternoon, which made for a very meaningful way for Mom and I to celebrate her day!

I hope to get some new samples posted on Etsy very, very soon. I was busy printing and cutting away while Mom spent some time organizing her crafting space.

I actually started working on the new custom order on Friday, then we finished the sample together on Sunday. I love collaborative projects! I don’t generally use a lot of stamps and accessories, and Mom prefers leaving the graphic design work to me, but together our projects are better than anything either of us would create on our own. I hope to share a preview sometime this summer!

The photopolymer stamps look awesome. I didn’t do much with them, I was just anxious to see them in person. I will probably order some in the future, the set seems very versatile. They do seem very easy to lose (some teeny tiny pieces), so I may need to keep a spray bottle handy to ensure cats don’t steal them. Never underestimate the sneakiness of cats.

I was even more anxious to see the new colors in the 2013-2014 Stampin’ Up! catalog. I already created a paper colors image to include with Etsy listings. I’m easily mesmerized by colors… Check it out, aren’t they just so pretty?

etsy paper colors

And last, but definitely NOT least, we finally opened Mom’s “Sew Petite” machine! I looked at her and said, “I think the last time I sewed anything was in 7th grade home economics,” to which she simply replied, “yeah, that sounds about right.” So we knew we were on the same page. Thankfully, the instructions were straightforward. We agreed that a memory refresher is always better in company. Trying to re-discover sewing on my own wouldn’t have been half as fun. I probably would have whined to Shane and given up before the bobbin was even wound (ooh, look at me using fancy lingo. Sorry, just have to show off my new skills!) We each did a some straight stitching, and then I did a zig-zag.

sewing practice

There you have it, our first sewing projects since middle school! What do you think? I want to hear about your sewing projects: are you an avid sewer, or just starting out? Do you prefer paper or fabric? (what am I, a grocery store bagger?!)

Sew long for now! (haha, I can’t resist a pun.)